Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Monday, September 25, 2017

In a Vase on Monday - A Season of Neglect

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It's a strange time in my garden.  Not a lot of vase-worthy blooms.  The garden has slowed down and there are, as always, plants that should go into the ground.  Fall is in the air but it's not quite time for the plant migration although I'm beginning to squash things together in the greenhouse to make space and contemplate which plants might be houseplants for the winter.  The sun has returned but I'm not feeling particularly motivated to do a whole lot in the garden right now.  Today's containers salute to cacti and succulents that don't mind being ignored for weeks at a time.

Contents are Eryngium 'Big Blue' and seed heads of Angelica stricta 'Purpurea'

Happy new week everyone!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Myrna Torrie's Seattle Garden

While the calendar says that today is the autumnal equinox and the cold, windy, and wet weather caused me to turn the furnace on for the first time last night, I'm still holding on to those warm and wonderful days of summer and pretending that they'll return any day now.  To help with this seasonal denial, today let's relive another beautiful July day in Seattle as we tour the garden of Myrna Torrie.

"Step down into my garden under a clematis covered arbor."

"Stop to take in all the visual pleasures of texture, color and form in this small space."

"Stroll around to see an array of trees, shrubs, roses, more clematis, climbing hydrangea, perennials, containers, garden art, and a small fountain to greet you."

"I have worked on my garden for 16 years to grow some of my favorite plants to attract birds, bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds."

"Check out some of my favorites such as Double Otto hardy fuchsia, Daphne marianni, Abutillon 'Windcliff Coral', Selaginellas and much more."

"Descend the gravel steps lined with Daphne 'Maijima,' Phlox 'Lilac Flame,'  Dichroa febrifuga, red Eccremocarpus vine and small treasures like Leptinella."

Looking like piece of garden art, the angel (with purse) descending the stairs  is pal Alison

Even the edibles in this garden were pristine and gorgeous.

"Continue down around to admire my 'Endless Summer,' 'Blushing Bride,' and 'Lady in Red' hydrangeas."

Ledebouria cooperi

"I hope you will enjoy your brief respite from life's hectic pace."  

Thank you, Myrna, for opening your beautiful garden for so many to enjoy!
Happy first day of autumn, happy weekend, and happy gardening everyone!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

McAuliffe's Valley Nursery

For plant addicts, finding a new nursery is always a treat.  One of the Snohomish open garden hosts suggested that, while in the area, I should visit McAuliffe's Valley Nursery.  It turned out to be a great recommendation!  "A rural 40-acre garden center offering home-grown trees, perennials, and edibles with rare varieties."

A parking lot this interesting and tidy let me know right from the start that this was going to be a great experience.

"Rooted in Snohomish since 1999" says their website.

Attention to detail and plant health is evident in every corner.

The rusty touches would be lovely in many settings but look especially at home in this rural setting.  

In addition to the retail spaces, there is an attractive demonstration garden which was a joy to walk through on a sunny and warm July day.

I think yer tractor done sprung a leak. 

Make gardens not war. 

Country elegance continues inside that iconic red barn. 

 I was positively smitten with this green-roofed garden shed. 

You may remember this image from last week's Wednesday Vignette post. 

More green goodness. 

I want to meet the stone mason who did the shed and the pillars of this building. 

While this was my first visit to Mcauliffe's, it certainly won't be my last, especially since it's only a ten minute drive from Flower World!

Happy last day of summer!